Validate product and solutions for different test conditions from a 3rd party vendor neutral independent test lab. Product vendors use our detailed test reports to build market credibility. Operators use our platform to make purchasing decisions and undertake proof of concepts.

Network Product Vendors

Product performance is one of the key factors that influence purchasing decisions. Test environment and interaction with other system components play a significant role in determining the final test results.

Our test methodologies for performance and scale testing of products take all aspects into consideration so that the vendor gets a clear perspective on boundary conditions. Performance tests are undertaken in strict confidentiality and are bound by NDAs. Results can be published as a third party test report if desired by the customer.

Listed below are some examples of performance testing that can be undertaken in the lab.

  • Functional Performance and Scale Testing – Single and Multi-Dimensional performance characterization
  • Tests with different levels of product integration. For instance, performance with identical chipset & architecture could produce different test results based on Network OS
  • Resiliency under load test environments
  • Scale and performance in intended deployment scenarios
  • Performance testing based on RFCs


Operators, Solution Providers and System Integrators

Isolated performance numbers and claims have to be validated in the context of the deployment solution and user requirements. Often, the performance needs are specific to the customer. Objective testing and assessment is essential to identify the right product that helps network operators and their customers meet SLAs.

Few test scenarios are captured below. Testing can be undertaken either at Criterion Network Labs or at the customer location.

  • Assessment of product capability and performance in intended deployments
  • Detailed comparison across multiple product vendors
  • Real world traffic simulations in solution test environments
  • Independent validation of product performance using reference test environments and traffic conditions