CNLABS offers cloud based product certification test environments,  on-demand virtual test beds and custom test environments like the CNLABS NFV test framework on Criterion SDCloud Platform ®.

Cloud based offerings from CNLABS can be used by product development teams to bring up virtual test-beds with a choice of configurations, host virtual interoperability plugfests, undertake product certifications or test scalability of cloud products.

CNLABS NFV Test Framework

  • Dynamically configurable NFV Infrastructure Templates
  • Pre-integration with open orchestrators like OSM, ONAP, Tacker, XOS
  • Support for container and VM infrastructure based on OpenStack/Kubernetes
  • Extensible to interface with external hardware traffic generators and network devices
  • Functional and Use case focused test suites
  • Customizable for product vendor and end user needs

One Click Test-beds

  • No hardware restrictions – Create multi-user shared test-bed environments on demand
  • Save CAPEX – usage based pricing
  • Suspend and resume solutions for additional cost savings
  • Customizable for functionality or performance testing needs


  • Quicker, scalable path to achieve product certifications using self test frameworks
  • Pre-installed test tools
  • Guided step by step instructions with FAQs
  • Engage support and expertise from CNLABS as required

Custom labs for interoperability and integration testing of partner solutions

All cloud based services can be deployed at CNLABS, customer premises or on public cloud environments. Deployments come with support, monitored for service resiliency, protected with self-healing and all class leading features of Criterion SDCloud®.

Write to us for details.