The USGv6 program requires OEMs and product vendors to test compliance to USGv6-r1 specification requirements. Interoperability testing has to be undertaken by accredited laboratories using standardized test methods.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has approved CNLABS as an accredited test laboratory for the USGv6 program. CNLABS, an IPv6 Forum Approved test lab, is now the second lab accredited by NIST to undertake testing for the USGv6 program globally.

NIST developed the USGv6 Profile to assist government agencies in the development of acquisition requirements for IT products to be used as the basis for strategic planning for United States Government Agencies.

The USGv6 Profile includes a forward-looking set of protocol specifications published by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). It encompasses basic IPv6 functionality, specific requirements, and key optional capabilities for routing, security, multicast, network management, and quality of service.

Significant revision of the USGv6 Profile and Test Program was done by NIST to update the technical specifications and streamline their use in Federal procurement processes. USGv6-r1, the first major revision of the USGv6 Program has been released.

More information here on the USGv6 program and USGv6 Test Program Guide

With the addition of USGv6 to the list of certification programs, CNLABS is now the only lab globally that can offer all the below IPv6 certifications, in one lab.

  • IPv6 Ready Logo – IPv6 Forum
  • USGv6 – NIST (USA)
  • MCMC for IPv6 – Malaysia
  • TEC – MTCTE (IPv6 core requirement) – India

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