Announcing IPv6 Ready Logo Program

Criterion Network Labs is one of the approved IPv6 Ready Logo test laboratories globally. The conformance and interoperability tests of the IPv6 Ready Logo Program from the IPv6 Forum are intended to increase user confidence by demonstrating that the product meets all the core RFC requirements of IPv6 enabled devices.

Criterion Network Labs, an independent network interoperability test laboratory announced today the addition of IPv6 Ready Logo certification program to its list of offerings.

IPv6 Ready Logo program is an international testing program intended to increase user confidence by demonstrating IPv6 support on networking products for today’s deployment and use. The key objective and benefit of the IPv6 Ready Logo program is to verify protocol implementation and interoperability of IPv6 products while providing access to free self-testing tools and testing laboratories across the globe.

“Since the launch of IPv6 Ready Logo Program as the single worldwide consortium to provide readiness certification to IPv6 products (hardware and software), several new labs have been added worldwide. Criterion Networks has been an active partner in the APAC region and was the first to offer IPv6 Forum approved training certifications in India. The addition of IPv6 logo certification program through Criterion Network Labs will help the program’s reach in the geography especially that India has become the second largest IPv6 nation after the US with some 50 Million IPv6 users,” said Latif Ladid, President of the IPv6 Forum.

As an approved IPv6 Ready Logo Testing Lab, Criterion Network Labs will undertake certification testing and help develop specifications and tools for the IPv6 Ready Logo Programs. CNLabs already offers certifications in the Software Defined Networking domain through the Open Flow Conformance Testing Program from the Open Networking Foundation.

“Over the last several months, CNLabs has worked with the IPv6 Ready Logo approval committee and has met the requirements and core competencies to be an IPv6 Ready Logo approved laboratory. We welcome the new lab to our team with the goal of providing high quality standards based test specifications and tools to assist industry with IPv6 deployment,” Erica Johnson IPv6 Ready Logo Committee Co-Chairperson.

Based on market needs, IPv6 Ready Logo program has expanded coverage for IPv6 core protocols and added to the scope several new areas like IPsec, IKEv2, DHCP, SNMP, MLDv2, NEMO, SIP, IMS UE, MIPv6, CE Routers and 6LoWPAN. Given the emerging network technology focus, Criterion Network Labs will take an active role in developing programs relevant to global customers.

“The addition of IPv6 Ready Logo certification to the scope of lab programs is a significant step for Criterion Network Labs. This core certification program for network equipment vendors complements other interoperability and independent test programs in the domains of IoT and SDN from CNLabs,” said Jayaprakash Kumar, CTO – Criterion Networks.

CNLabs is an NABL accredited independent test lab with focus on emerging network technologies. With test facilities in Bangalore and SantaClara, the lab follows ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard meeting core competency requirements for testing and calibration laboratories in the field of Electronics Testing. The annual SDN event Open Tech India led by CNLabs fosters eco-system development through exchange of ideas and demonstration of interoperable SDN / NFV solutions.

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