NIST Approves CNLABS for USGv6 Testing Program

CNLABS is an ISO/IEC-17025 accredited lab offering testing services for NIST USGv6 profiles

The National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) has approved CNLABS as an accredited test laboratory for the USGv6 program.


United States Federal Agencies use the USGv6 program for strategic planning and acquisition policies. The program requires OEMs and product vendors to test their products as per the USGv6-r1 specifications at accredited test labs. With the approval, CNLABS becomes the second lab accredited by NIST to undertake product testing for the USGv6 program globally.

“The latest revision to the USGv6 profile inherits from and refines the generic NIST IPv6 profile for use in Federal IT acquisitions. USGv6 Test Program strengthens the commitment to maintain synchronization with the industry-driven IPv6 Ready Logo program to minimize testing requirements on vendors. It is exciting to see CNLABS approved for USGv6 in addition to IPv6 Ready Logo” says Latif Ladid, Senior researcher at the University of Luxembourg and President of the IPv6 Forum.

NIST and its partners developed the USGv6 Profile to assist government agencies in developing acquisition requirements for IT products. The USGv6 Test Program provides the means to assess product compliance with the IPv6 requirements specified under the USGv6 Profile. The Standards Profile for IPv6 in the USG applies to all future uses of IPv6 in non-classified, non-national security federal IT systems.

“The OMB memorandum published in Nov 2020 for Completing the Transition to Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) outlines the Federal government’s strategic intent to deliver its information services, operate its networks, and access the services of others using only IPv6. NIST has since expanded its USGv6 standards profile and test program to facilitate this government-wide initiative to promote the vision of having 80% of IP-enabled assets on federal networks to be IPv6-only by 2025. Addition of CNLABS to this program further strengthens the available test infrastructure required for achieving this vision”Doug Montgomery, Manager, Internet Technologies Research Group at NIST.

CNLABS is proud to be accredited by NIST for the USGv6 program. This places us in a unique position as the only global lab to offer testing services for all major IPv6 certifications, including the IPv6 Ready Logo (Worldwide), MCMC IPv6 (Malaysia), TEC MTCTE (India), and USGv6 (USA)” says Krishna Kumar Lahoti, Director – CNLABS. We are committed to providing our customers with comprehensive testing services under one roof. This accreditation helps us deliver on that promise, while we expand our cybersecurity testing capabilities through the ITSAR program for India and EU RED 3.3(d,e,f) program for Europe. With our expanded testing capabilities, we are well placed to enable and support our customers to confidently launch their products internationally.”

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